Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab Programs In San Diego, CA

Because alcohol is socially acceptable and readily available, it can be hard to stop yourself from drinking when you have an addiction problem. That’s one of the reasons why more than 14 million Americans are addicted to alcohol, according to a report by the National Institute and Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

If you struggle to stop drinking, our alcohol rehab center in San Diego is the lifeline you need to overcome your addiction. We understand just how hard it is to stop drinking and ask for help, and we help you to make the most of your courage by providing comprehensive, fully accredited treatment programs for alcohol addiction.

Our alcohol rehab programs are highly personalized, allowing you to gain the most benefit from our services. Through our initial comprehensive assessment, we determine the best way to treat you. The correct behavioral therapies are chosen and your progress in recovery is carefully observed so that we can make changes if necessary. 

You Don’t Have To Fear Alcohol Detox

We know that the idea of alcohol rehab may cause apprehension. You’ve probably heard about the intense, sometimes dangerous symptoms that you may face during withdrawal, including insomnia, profuse sweating, delirium tremens, anxiety, mood swings, headaches, nausea and vomiting.

But at Hope Canyon, you don’t have to fear withdrawal because you don’t go through it alone. Our medical professionals supervise the entire process of alcohol detox to ensure none of those symptoms lead to serious problems. We make it possible to recover from the symptoms safely and with less discomfort thanks to our FDA-approved medication and supportive medical supervision.

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction With Therapy

The goal of alcohol rehab is ultimately to help you to stop alcohol abuse for good. To reach this goal, we must explore the root cause of your addiction. This is achieved through alternative healing methods such as art therapy, group therapy and one-on-one therapy. The private space provided by our individual therapy sessions allows you to explore the real cause of your substance abuse problem and make changes for the better.

Behavioral therapy is also a key component of our alcohol rehab program at Hope Canyon. Your treatment plan will include a variety of evidence-based treatment modules, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and dialectical behavioral therapy. 

Our programs also include family therapy, trauma-based therapy, life skills training and recreational therapy. Some of these will be presented in an individual format, others in a group format. Both provide important elements that can help you heal and ultimately overcome your addiction to alcohol.

Call Hope Canyon today to begin the road to recovery from alcoholism.