Medically Assisted Drug And Alcohol Detox In San Diego, CA

You don’t have to be worried about your experience in detox. At Hope Canyon, our medical team will make sure you’re safe, comfortable and cared for along the way.

What To Expect From Drug Detox Or Alcohol Detox At Hope Canyon

The first step toward recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be one of the hardest. It takes courage to enter a detoxification program knowing you’ll endure the discomfort and pain of withdrawal symptoms.

Your apprehension about withdrawal may have played a part in continuing your addiction, but Hope Canyon Recovery can help you break that cycle. Through our personalized detox programs, your journey can begin with a more comfortable transition into recovery.

If you or a loved one is thinking about enrolling in drug detox in San Diego, Hope Canyon is here for you. Without medical intervention, you’re likely to experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms as the toxic chemicals leave your body. Depending on the severity of your addiction, withdrawal symptoms can range from mild or moderate (headaches, fever and chills, shaking, anxiety) to severe (delirium tremens, seizures, heart attacks). These symptoms can even lead to death.

But at Hope Canyon, our clinical staff provides medical intervention to make the withdrawal symptoms manageable. They also monitor you 24/7 to make sure you’re safe and healthy throughout your entire detox experience.  

How Our Detox Programs Work

Our safe detox techniques help you break the physical bonds of drug and alcohol addiction so you can begin the mental and emotional journey of recovery. Whether your addiction is mild, moderate or severe, we provide the compassionate care and medical supervision you need to get through withdrawal successfully. You never have to feel alone or frightened; we’re here to help you along the way.

What Comes After Medically Assisted Detox?

Hope Canyon puts an emphasis on your well-being by making your recovery goals our own. We do more than give you a warm bed and medical supervision during detox: our community resources make it easy to continue your journey after you exit our programs. We’re committed to your long-term success.

Once you’ve safely gotten through the detox phase, you’ll be ready to move on to the real work of recovery. Hope Canyon’s behavioral health staff works with you to ensure the best possible treatment at every phase — including residential inpatient treatment or our partial hospitalization program.

You’ll have the opportunity to partake in our evidence-based addiction therapies, such as dialectical behavioral therapy, SMART recovery, family therapy, and more. That’s when the real change begins!

Frequently Asked Questions About Medically Assisted Detox

Q. How long does medically assisted detox last?

Answer: While every individual is different, it often takes seven to ten days for the toxic to complete detox, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Q. Does insurance pay for drug detox?

Answer: Hope Canyon accepts most major medical insurance and is networked with many companies. You can verify your insurance here, and we’ll work with you to make sure all the necessary paperwork is filed.

Q. Can I detox from drugs or alcohol at home?

Answer: It’s possible to detox at home, but we strongly recommend against it. Without medical supervision and intervention, you’re likely to experience painful and severe withdrawal symptoms that can be severe. They can even lead to death. Our drug detox and alcohol detox takes place under the care of medical professionals, who can prescribe medication to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Q. What drugs cause withdrawals?

Answer: Any drug — including alcohol — used over a significant period of time can cause withdrawal symptoms.

Q. Do I have to detox before starting the next phase of treatment?

Answer: While most Hope Canyon clients undergo medically assisted detox before moving on to the next phase of treatment, we recognize that your situation may be different. Let’s talk — and discover the best treatment plan for you.