Aftercare Support Services

Aftercare Support Programs In San Diego, CA

At Hope Canyon, we understand that aftercare support services are vital to maintaining your long-term commitment to clean and sober living. That’s why we begin planning for your future after rehab as early as your first day in treatment. Your therapist and case manager assess your current state and work with you to determine short- and long-term goals – what you hope to accomplish during your rehab treatment and beyond.

Extending the recovery process after rehab reinforces the life management skills and relapse prevention techniques you learn during inpatient residential treatment. Because we know the importance of aftercare to long-term recovery, Hope Canyon provides an established plan for continued support and guidance.

We make assessments throughout the course of rehab to ensure you are on track, making adjustments as necessary and updating your aftercare support services plan. As you near completion of our residential program, we begin finalizing your aftercare program. This includes:

  • Establishing housing and transportation plans
  • Identifying outpatient treatment options near you
  • Assisting with government aid programs
  • Providing educational and employment assistance
  • Reinforcing relapse prevention and crisis aversion plans

The Importance Of Aftercare

Addiction recovery is a total life transformation that doesn’t end when you’re discharged from residential rehab. It’s a misconception that rehab is a lasting cure that eliminates triggers and urges. But feeling that way can leave you vulnerable to relapse. Long-term recovery is a continuous, conscious decision to make mindful choices that are conducive to remaining clean and sober.

Developing your aftercare plan during residential treatment provides a sense of direction for the next steps on your journey to sober living. By maintaining this focus on meaningful change and forward progress, Hope Canyon reinforces the lessons gained through our comprehensive behavioral health programs. Our aftercare support services guide the next steps in your care plan to help ensure you are steady and headed in the right direction.

Treatment Options After Rehab

Don’t let misguided overconfidence cause you to stumble in your journey to a life free of alcohol and drug abuse. Extending the support and structure of inpatient addiction treatment into the early stages of sobriety adds an additional level of security for a clean and sober future.

We offer several levels of outpatient aftercare support services that create a safe middle ground for exploring who you are in sobriety while retaining the guidance of our addiction specialists. These programs include:

  • Partial hospitalization: Maintains the same level of care as inpatient treatment with the freedom to return home at the end of the day.
  • Intensive outpatient care: Flexible day or evening options to fit your work or school schedule.
  • Outpatient treatment: Weekly check-ins and group meetings to monitor your progress.

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